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TotalMix FX 4 All


RME presents: The next Windows and Mac OS X driver generation with TotalMix FX for ALL RME audio interfaces!

Level 1: A new PCI/PCIe Windows driver (4.x) offers outstanding new features for WDM operation under Windows 7 and 8.

Level 2: FireWire and USB drivers updated with new features and slightly improved performance, under both Windows and Mac OS X.

Divine level 3: All new drivers now include TotalMix FX also for all older interfaces. Yes, RME ported the latest TotalMix FX back to all devices released since 2001!

To repeat and clarify: Now TotalMix FX replaces the old TotalMix on all RME HDSP(e) cards, as well as the legendary FireWire audio interfaces Fireface 800 and Fireface 400. 
That is TotalMix FX 4 All!
 And we're working on level 4 already...

Driver download

Brand new MADI Router starts shipping!


MADI Router

The MADI Router is a compact device designed to link MADI devices of any manufacturer with unprecedented flexibility in signal routing.

It provides this flexibility by serving as a format converter between optical and electrical signals, as a signal repeater, and as a distributor and merger of several MADI signals, all at the same time... and it's available now !!!

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The Fireface 802 renews RME's reputation built on the legendary Fireface 800


Fireface 802


60 channels of audio, high-end microphone preamps, reference class converters, a complete effects section and operation at up to 192 kHz are the base for many more features:

Ultra-low latency operation with USB or FireWire, combined with the legendary RME driver stability and maintenance. Active jitter suppression, individually switchable reference levels for all inputs and outputs, full stand-alone functionality, RME’s unique DIGICheck metering and analysis toolbox, and identical operation on Windows PC and Mac.

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RME is a Winner at the Grammys 2014


The 56th Grammys were held at the Staples Center in downtown LA on Sunday with performances from Stevie Wonder (who I am sure was at NAMM only last week), Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, Daft Punk, Katy Perry and what has been described as a rather risqué contribution from Beyonce.

The Grammys are thought to be one of the biggest annual broadcast productions worldwide and requires comprehensive and quality I/O for their no-compromise audio output. 

Our buddy Graham Kirk was working on the show and spied 3 x RME MADI Bridges and 2 x RME MADI Converters being used for a variety of MADI tasks on M3's Horizon Recording/OB truck. So, he quickly whipped out his trusty iPhone 5 and took a snap of the racked RME and sent it over. 

MADIface XT wins the 2014 Rock oN 'Tech Award'



RME strikes again!

After winning the last year's Tech Award with the the Fireface UCX at the NAMM show, we are very happy to obtain the this year's award with a really outstanding product:

The world's first USB 3.0 audio interface

More about the new MADIface XT


TotalMix FX for iPad®‘ App now available on the App Store


TotalMix FX for iPad is RME’s Windows/Mac software TotalMix FX ported to iOS. It gives control over the mixer and effects of the supported audio interfaces Fireface UCX and Fireface UFX, when these devices are in Class Compliant mode. TotalMix for iPad does not work wirelessly, and is no replacement for typical remote software (like Lemur / TouchOSC).

TotalMix FX for iPad runs on any iPad and all iOS versions from 5.0 up, using only low resources. As under Windows and Mac OS X it does not process audio, but acts as remote control for the calculations performed in the hardware. The app is fully compatible even when storing/loading Workspaces. Except MIDI/OSC remote control it includes all features of the desktop version.

Using the Fireface UCX with the iPad, TotalMix for iPad for the first time unlocks the device’s whole functionality, in a quick way, with full overview and lightning fast configuration.

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The world's first & only USB3 audio interface is shipping




MADIface XT is shipping

RME's MADIface XT is the world's first USB3 audio interface - and the world's smallest portable interface that provides access to hundreds of audio channels in such a small package. For highest usability and connectivity the XT can also be used with USB 2.0 (computer I/O limited to 70 channels). Its unique PCI Express port connects to External PCI Express cards as well as adapters to Thunderbolt, providing all the fastest interfacing technologies available for maximum channel count and lowest latency in one unit.

More about the new MADIface XT

OctaMic XTC is nominated for a TEC Award


OctaMic XTC


TEC Award Nominee

RME OctaMic XTC has been nominated for a 29th Annual Technical Excellence & Creativity (TEC) Award in the category of Microphone Preamplifier Technology. The TEC Awards was established in 1985 to honor outstanding achievement in professional audio production and product innovation. Voting will take place in December.

More about the new OctaMic XTC


RME starts shipping of brand new MADIface USB




The new MADIface USB

The MADIface USB is a compact device that provides MADI I/O via USB 2.0 while supporting the  format's full 64 channels.  Its sturdy and bus-powered design makes it as easy to use and reliable in your application. The MADIface USB is therefore both MADI portability at its best and a perfect desktop solution to connect MADI equipment to any Mac and PC.

More about the new MADIface USB

RME's brand new 'All Purpose Preamp' is shipping


OctaMic XTC


The new OctaMic XTC

RME proudly presents a new generation of microphone, line and instrument preamp, A/D converter, digital patchbay and format converter, monitoring device and even a flexible frontend for the iPad® - the OctaMic XTC!

With the OctaMic XTC eight microphone and line inputs, 4 switchable to Hi-Z mode, meet an unrivaled variety of digital connection protocols - from common ADAT and AES/EBU to sophisticated 64-channel MADI optical.

More about the new OctaMic XTC

New products introduced at the musikmesse 2013 in Frankfurt




The world's first USB 3.0 audio interface
has four groups of three different MADI I/Os each and is used as patch bay and format converter between those. Apart from the fully transparent, stream-wise operation between its ports it excels the well-known MADI Bridge by letting users create output signals that combine audio channels from different MADI inputs.

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OctaMic XTC

OctaMic XTC

The all purpose preamp
The OctaMic XTC is the swiss army knife among RME's interfaces. An advanced eight channel microphone/line/instrument preamplifier with 192 kHz/24 bit A/D conversion and AutoSet, four channel D/A conversion for analog or digital input monitoring, and full MIDI remote control via USB, DIN and MADI were not enough to stop RME's engineers. ADAT, AES and MADI optical operate as outputs as well as full-channel inputs, easily patched and routed with the comfortable TFT display - turning the XTC into a full blown digital format converter.
Quick access to all functions make the XTC extremely fast and easy to set up. Its complete state can be saved and recalled from internal presets.

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MADI portability at its best
The MADIface USB is a compact device that provides MADI I/O via USB2 while supporting the format's full 64 channels. Its sturdy and bus-powered design makes it as easy to use as reliable in operation. SteadyClock as well as RME's well known MADI compatibility ensure hassle-free operation with other devices.

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New MADI Routers & Converters

MADI Routers and Converters

RME refreshes its Premium Line with a range of exciting new products for digital multichannel transmission and conversion:

MADI Router, AES3 Router, AES3 Converter, ADAT Router, ADAT Converter

All three routers are equipped with a TFT display for easy operation and status overview, redundant (double) power supplies, and USB ports for preset storage and firmware updates.

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Download 2013 New products brochure


TotalMix FX App

TotalMix FX App

TotalMix FX for iPad adds full control over hardware mixer and DSP effects for Fireface UFX, UCX and Babyface when in Class Compliant mode, and lets users create, store and load complete mixes directly from the iPad. Additionally hardware controls like phantom power for microphone inputs, mic/line/instrument switching and sample rate are supported.

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The expected shipment date of all new products is Summer 2013. 

More information..

Fireface UCX wins Rock oN Tech Award at NAMM show


This year at NAMM the RME Fireface UCX won the Rock oN Tech Award for its superior technology.

From 17th of December 2012 until the 9th of January 2013, Rock oN Company from Japan asked their customers - which are mainly professional musicians and sound engineers - to vote for their product of the yearin nine different categories. The RME Fireface UCX won the category "Tech Award" based on its superior high level of technology. This includes the professional implementation and ease of use of the Class Compliant mode, driver stability, Steady Clock and much more.


RME announces five new MADI products at NAMM show


Being an early adopter and pioneer in MADI technology, RME developers have always been dedicated to making the open protocol compatible, stable, and affordable for their customers. Among the first devices that were released for the widely adopted technology were the ADAT and AES3 (in Europe also known as AES/EBU) converters ADI-642, ADI-6432, and ADI-648, as well as the MADI Bridge and MADI Converter, which have gained a reputation of being unmatched in terms of feature set and reliability in over a decade. RME thus made MADI more popular than any other manufacturer.

This year, RME updates the digital MADI converters of their Premium Line, announcing five new products in a striking new design, which are presented at the NAMM show: the new MADI Router, the ADAT Router and ADAT Converter, and the AES3 Router andAES3 Converter.

New MADI products

A novelty that all five products have on board is the new RJ45 connector for MADI, which extends the existing two media options, optical cables and coaxial cables, by a third one: standard network cables. Making use of twisted pair Ethernet cables for multichannel audio signals brings along several advantages that optical and coaxial cables were lacking: bidirectional audio transmission between two devices over one cable, power supply, and unmatched availability of cables at a fraction of cost compared to traditional MADI cabling. Depending on the type of cable, cable lengths of up to 100m (330 ft.) can be achieved.

MADI Router

MADI Router

The MADI Router has four groups of three different MADI I/Os each and is used as patch bay and format converter between those. Apart from the fully transparent, stream-wise operation between its ports it excels the well-known MADI Bridge by letting users create output signals that combine audio channels from different MADI inputs.


ADAT Router

ADAT Router

The ADAT Router is based on the design of the ADI-648, providing eight optical ADAT inputs, eight ADAT outputs, and MADI connectors for optical, coaxial, and MADI Twisted Pair connections. All audio channels can be freely routed between MADI and ADAT.


AES3 Router

AES3 Router

Following into the footsteps of the ADI-642 and ADI-6432, RME presents a device that takes the best of both units: channel-wise routing and multiple AES3-MADI conversion capabilities. Apart from optical, coaxial and twisted pair MADI connections, the AES3 Router provides four D-sub 25-pin ports, carrying 32 audio channels both in and out of the device. However, the ports can be configured to be send-only or receive-only ports, resulting in 64 audio channel outputs or 64 audio channel inputs.


All three routers are equipped with a TFT display for easy operation and status overview, redundant (double) power supplies, and USB ports for preset storage and firmware updates.



ADAT Converter

ADAT Converter

The ADAT Converter is an extension to either one of the routers, receiving its power over the MADI Twisted Pair connection from the Router. Therefore, no additional power supply is needed. The ADAT Converter translates the signals of up to eight ADAT inputs to MADI TP, and sends the signals from its MADI input to the eight ADAT outputs.


AES3 Converter

AES3 Converter

Also the new AES3 Converter acts as an extension to either one of the routers. It can be configured to convert the attached MADI signal to send and receive 32 audio channels, or, if required, either send orreceive 64 audio channels.


The expected shipment date of all five products is Summer 2013.

RME extends Class Compliant mode of Fireface UCX


One year ago at NAMM RME announced the Fireface UCX. One of the reasons it draw so much attention was the included Class Compliant mode, which turned the UCX into the world's first professional audio interface for Apple's iPad™.

Now that Apple officially allows multichannel playback (since iOS 6), the latest iPads got more powerful, and more and more apps support more than 8 channels (or at least have announced to do so soon), RME extends the 8 channel CC mode of the UCX to all existing 18 channels by firmware 220/4. The UCX SPDIF and ADAT I/O can now also be used without limitations.

All information on the UCX Class Compliant mode 

RME starts shipping of HDSPe OPTO-X


The OPTO-X is an alternative extension board for the HDSPe MADI FX triple MADI card with full functionality.

A few words about the HDSPe MADI FX card:
The HDSPe MADI FX marks a new milestone in the history of audio interface cards. Never before has such a high-performance multi-channel audio system existed. The HDSPe MADI FX features 390 audio channels, three MADI I/Os (two optical and one coaxial), unique low latency performance, redundancy mode and internal effects.

Like the standard extension board it comes with Word Clock I/O and a D-sub connector for MIDI and AES I/O.

The standard coaxial MADI I/O is replaced by an optical MADI I/O.

Using the OPTO-X the HDSPe MADI FX then has three optical MADI I/Os.

RME starts shipping of brand new ADI-8 DS Mk III








The latest update to RME’s ADI-8 series - the ADI-8 DS Mk III - is an 8-channel high-end AD/DA converter with a truly unique feature set. The device combines excellent analog circuit design with the latest generation of outstanding low latency AD/DA converter chips. Along with its integrated SteadyClock, the ADI-8 DS Mk III offers not only AD and DA conversion of the highest quality, but also digital format conversion and distribution features for full digital connectivity.

Like RME's successful predecessors ADI-8 Pro and ADI-8 DS the ADI-8 DS Mk III provides outstanding specifications, and delivers professional quality and features for a fraction of the budget you usually would have to spend.

The ADI-8 DS Mk III comes as a standard 19" one rack unit device offering Intelligent Clock Control (ICC), SyncCheck, SteadyClock, AES/EBU and ADAT I/Os, four hardware reference levels up to +24 dBu and 192 kHz sample rate, word clock I/O and double 8-channel level metering. The DS Mk III incorporates lowest latency conversion with less than 12 samples delay, which turns digital monitoring into analog-style monitoring.

In addition to the high quality AD/DA link to the analog world the ADI-8 DS Mk III interfaces all digital studio equipment with ADAT or AES/EBU in- and outputs, being the perfect match for RME's HDSPe AES and HDSP AES-32. It provides both cards with 8 analog I/Os in reference conversion quality at up to 192 kHz. Using multiple MK III the HDSPe RayDAT could be fitted with up to 32 analog I/Os via its 4 ADAT I/Os.

The new DS Mk III also includes a digital patchbay with free choice of source and destination setup. ADAT can be converted to AES, AES to ADAT, cross-converted at the same time, ADAT passed on to ADAT while monitored analog, and many more. The ADAT outputs also feature a copy mode for connection of two different ADAT devices. These powerful and easy to use modes add significant value to the already outstanding conversion quality.

RME adds stand-alone and Class Compliant operation to Babyface




RME surprises with an unconventional move, updating its two-year-old portable USB interface with two exciting new features: full USB Audio 2.0 Class Compliance for connection to the iPad™ and a stand-alone mode.

The update is free of charge and can be done by the user with a simple firmware update via USB.

RME already released the new firmware, which adds these two new modes to the unit. From now on the small yet ‘pro’ interface becomes a real all-rounder in both flexibility and features.

More about the new modes: Technical background, mode of operation, practical use

Fireface UCX Award Nomination


The new RME Fireface UCX gets the nomination for the best audio interface 2012 from the Resolution Magazine.

More about the Fireface UCX

Advanced Remote Control


The optional accessory to the Fireface UFX and UCX starts shipping

The RME Advanced Remote Control is an optional accessory to the Fireface UFX and Fireface UCX.

The wired Advanced Remote Control (ARC) has been designed for direct access to the most frequently used actions and commands required in a studio's daily work. The ARC consists of a solid metal case with a main encoder dial and 8 push buttons, 6 of them equipped with LEDs. Seven buttons can be freely assigned via TotalMix FX to more than 36 different commands.

The Advanced Remote Control (ARC) can be used with the Fireface UCX. It can also be used with all Fireface UFX with a serial number 23241707 (built after June 2011) or higher.

RME announces a 390-Channel PCI express card.


At the Musikmesse 2012 in Frankfurt RME presents the new HDSPe MADI FX PCI Express card (Hall 5.1 B80).

The MADI FX marks a new milestone both in the history of audio interface cards and within the long series of outstanding RME devices. Never before has such a high-performance multi-channel audio system existed.

The HDSPe MADI FX features 390 audio channels! Three MADI I/Os - two optical and one coaxial - are accompanied by one AES/EBU I/O and one analog monitoring output.

The HDPSe MADI FX introduces a newly developed modular Hammerfall Pro Audio Core. The high-tech core will process three times as many channels as the channel count of the previous MADI flagship, while actually reducing the system load and enabling ultra-low latencies on modern computers.

The new core technology is accompanied by a special version of TotalMix FX, which allows using the enormous channel count efficiently, and a faster DSP. The integrated 192 kHz RME effects engine allows latency-free monitoring with numerous effects directly on the hardware of the card, independent from the DAW software in use.

The card can be used as powerful MADI router. Unlike most other router solutions, each channel can be routed individually - even with separate level settings for each routing.

With the new Seamless Redundancy Operation the card can operate as single MADI input device, recording up to 64 channels. As soon as the current input fails the audio data received from one of the other two inputs is used. The audio data is not interrupted when switching to another input - and the card can use not only one, but two more MADI sources for redundancy.

The shipping starts in summer 2012.

RME releases "Splitter"


RME releases multi-channel WAV file batch processor software to split UFX recorded files


RME releases a free multi-channel wave file batch processor software that allows to process files generated by the Direct USB Recording (DURec) of the Fireface UFX.

Most digital audio workstations can import multi-channel wav files generated by the UFX directly into their projects. The need for the special RME tool arises from the fact that standard wave files can not be bigger than 2 GB to be fully compatible. With higher track counts and longer recording times DURec therefore uses multiple consecutive files. Importing these into typical DAWs requires the user to adjust and align the content of each file to the previous one.

The RME tool adds an easy way to combine and split multichannel interleaved files from the UFX into single or dual channel files. The content of consecutive files is automatically combined into a single file. In the rare case that these again exceed the 2 GB limit the tool automatically writes RF64 files. The Mac version can also write CAF (Core Audio Format) files.

RME's Multichannel WAV File Batch Processor' can also perform multiple conversions of different recordings. Once all the single tasks are set up the software will process them one after the other automatically, hence 'batch processor'. The software is available for Windows and Mac OS X and can be downloaded and freely used from the RME website.

RME software downloads ...

RME Products Extended to 2 years Warranty Registration

Driver updates

02/04/2015 Updated all Windows and Mac drivers with TotalMix FX 1.08.   

09/30/2014 DIGICheck Win 5.75 released.   

09/29/2014 DIGICheck Mac 0.985 released.   

09/29/2014 Windows and Mac firmware updates for MADIface XT, UC, Babyface.   

09/26/2014 Windows USB driver for MADIface USB and XT, v 0.9394.   

09/26/2014 Windows driver 4.03 for HDSP and HDSPe Series.   

09/26/2014 Mac USB driver v 2.02 released.   

09/26/2014 Windows driver 2.01, Mac driver 1.15 for HDSPe MADI FX / MADIface XT.   

09/25/2014 Windows USB driver for Fireface UC, UCX, 802, UFX and Babyface, v 1.059.   

09/25/2014 Windows FireWire driver for Fireface 400, 800, 802, UCX, UFX, v 3.099.   

09/25/2014 Mac driver 4.00 for HDSPe Series.   

02/27/2014 Windows driver 1.19, Mac driver 1.14 for HDSPe MADI FX / MADIface XT.   

02/05/2014 MIDI Remote 1.7 for Windows and Mac.   


RME User

David Kahne is one of today's most respected and prolific pop producers. With credits ranging from Paul McCartney to Stevie Nicks, he has carved out a very respectable place in the history of pop music.

"I switched to native audio for all my computers to try to avoid some of the phasing issues inherent in certain proprietary systems. I was able to switch because of the solidity and ease of use of the RME optical audio cards. I was up and running so quickly, and within a day was free of the tyranny."