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New Experience in Sound and Quality


  • High-End AD/DA Conversion
  • 1x Stereo Analog I/O
  • 1 x ADAT or SPDIF I/O 
  • 2x “Extreme Power“ Headphone Outputs
  • High-resolution IPS display
  • Auto Mode
  • 1 x USB 2.0

RME’s Anniversary reference AD/DA converter is a USB 2.0 DAC, USB 2.0 interface and a high-end headphone amplifier. Its design, unique specifications, user features and its ability to deliver crystal transparency, make it perfect for mastering and measurement applications as well as the ultimate tool for audiophiles everywhere.

The ADI-2 boasts high-grade components and intelligent circuitry throughout its half rack design. With RME’s fresh concept in Plug & Play, the comprehensive feature set is easy to set up and use. Based on current connections, the ADI-2 Pro will automatically switch to AD/DA converter, USB interface or analog preamp mode. A specific mode can be set if required.


Analog or Digital - Options Galore

The ADI-2 Pro includes two servo-balanced analog inputs on combo XLR/ TRS jacks, two separate balanced and unbalanced outputs on XLR and TRS, two stereo ‘Extreme Power’ headphone outputs on the front, an optical SPDIF I/O that also understands ADAT, plus coaxial SPDIF (RCA) and AES I/O (XLR) via an included breakout cable. This universal set of I/O options offers quality and flexible connectivity to those who take a no-compromise approach to audio.

The USB 2.0 port is fully Class Compliant (UAC 2) for connection with compatible iOS devices and is also used for firmware updates. Including an external switched power supply with lockable connector, the ADI-2 Pro can be easily powered from battery, opening up mobile applications as well as galvanically isolated use cases.


Perfect Sound Capture and Reproduction

An integrated Sample Rate Converter and RME’s latest SteadyClock III technology solve any clocking problem between SPDIF and AES. Thanks to the latest AD/DA -converters and RME’s own FPGA-based Class -Compliant core, the ADI-2 Pro offers sample rates of up to a -staggering 768kHz for both AD (2) and DA (4) channels of conversion.


High Resolution Display Operation

RME have incorporated many unique features, not found on any comparable devices, like 5-band parametric EQs for fully individual phones compensation, adjustable Bass/Treble controls with quick access, a binaural -crossfeed function, adjustable loudness filter, selectable AD/DA filters and four discrete I/O reference levels.

Professional features such as M/S Processing, stereo width and phase reversal up to full control and storage of all settings are all included, as well as RME’s famous Spectral Analyzer, a 30-band biquad filtered analysis tool offering unprecedented musical visualization, perfectly -complementing the high-resolution IPS display.


“Extreme Power“ Headphone Outputs

A newly designed headphone output stage excels with 0.1 Ohm output impedance, a maximum output level of +22 dBu, and a maximum output power of 2.2 Watts - per channel! The headphone outputs deliver the same 120 dB SNR performance as the line outputs, for a full hum and noise free listening experience.